Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

10/06/2022 14:28:00

Students who want to complete the application process can choose the program they are interested in by clicking the link below and start the application process:

Multico's service to prospective students is completely FREE.

Students upload the necessary documents for the programs they are interested in to the system. Multico applies to the relevant university and receives the best offer on behalf of the student. The student who receives the offer letter transfer the deposit or annual amount into the university account and receives the acceptance letter. The registration process is completed by going to the international office with the documents requested by the university.

Students transfer their deposit or annual fee to the university official bank specified in the offer letter.

Documents required for application;
  • Diploma
  • Transcript
  • Passport

Yes, students who have not yet received their final transcript can apply with their most up-to-date transcript. Students who receive the Final Transcript can then update their application by sharing the document.

Students who need a residence card should contact their university's international offices. The international office helps students with which documents to collect and apply.

Students who want to study in Turkey must have a minimum $300/monthly for accommodation and meals.

The most important advantage of Multico is that it always gives the best offer to the students. The average annual fees of the universities we have agreements with start from $1500. Fees increase according to the types of departments.

Students who need a visa can contact the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their country and obtain the necessary information and documents for a student visa.

Many programs in Turkey are given in English. In addition, our students may prefer Turkish programs.

Yes, students can find a job in Turkey with their diploma after graduation. They can also get support from career centers of universities related to the subject.

Turkey provides education in accordance with European Union Education standards. For this reason, students who want to continue their education in Europe can apply.

Quality Education
Turkey, which is integrated into the Bologna Process, provides students with an education in harmony with Europe.

University and Program Diversity
Turkey is home to 8 million students with approximately 60,000 programs in its 207 universities.

Multicultural Life
The geography of Turkey, which has opened its doors to different civilizations for centuries, lives with many different cultures.

Natural Beauties
Turkey, where four seasons are experienced, has become famous all over the world with its natural beauties.

Student Friendly
Turkey is a student-friendly country, with at least one university in every city. When you come to Turkey, you will realize that the most active points of the city are the places where students socialize.

Opportunity to Learn Turkish
In addition to the fact that many programs of universities in Turkey are in English, you can also learn Turkish, the 5th most spoken language in the world. In the Turkish courses that your university will offer you, you can both have the chance to learn a new language and make friends with people from many different cultures.

Tuition fees
Turkey has more affordable tuition fees than the rest of the world with the advantages it has.

Multico delivers the offer letter from the university to you within 24 hours.

*Multico provides free consultancy services to its students with its experience.
*While supporting you to make the right choice, it delivers the best offers to you.
*Multico continues to communicate with you before and after your processes are completed.
*Multico provides support to you regarding the problems you may experience in Turkey.

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