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Our Services


What Are We Doing?


•         University brand analysis

•         National and International Student Recruitment

•         Rival university analysis

•         Develop innovator sales marketing techniques

-          Digital Marketing

-          Social Media/Platforms

-          University profile analysis

-          Fairs/Online Fairs

-          Agency collaborations

-          YÖS/TÖMER/CRM

-          Contract and collaborations with high schools in abroad

-          Accreditation, collaborations like NAFSA, QS

-          Sponsorships in domestic and international and increase brand acknowledgement via advertisements according to the features of country


Advantages of International Student Recruitment


•         Local and International Ranking

•         Local and International Brand Perception (Times Higher Education, URAP, QS)

•         Financial Contributions (Tuition fees, exam fees, accommodation fees, campus fees)

•         Contributions to campus life

•         Academic diversity

•         Popularity and recognition



CRM Services


Salesforce which is the best solution of the world is used in the infrastructure of CRM.

It is cloud grounded, mobile and high safety. It can be updated since it is showed product based running and maintenance process is easy. It serves generic solutions for flexibility purpose and CRM systems are prepared special to the sector. There are expert Salesforce and progress consultants. As it provides data focused analysis opportunity, it helps decision mechanisms of universities. Also it establishes organizational memory and prevents any information loss that university has produced within this period. 


What does the CRM Services include?

-          360 degree student candidate and acquisition method

-          Marketing

-          Campaign management

-          Sales

-          Service

-          Group Turk and Foreign student acquisition progresses under one system


Corporate Communication & PR Services


•         Media Relations management

-          Needs analysis

-          Crisis communication management

-          Content production

-          Relation management

-          Media planning

-          Media purchasing

-          Sectoral reputation projects

•         Event management

-          Needs analysis

-          Cost benefit analysis

-          Forming an idea

-          Defining concept

-          Pre event activities and implementation

-          Reporting of the event

•         Content management

-          Video content production

-          Introductory videos

-          Commercial films

-          Photo shootings

-          Digital content production

-          Pressed material production

-          Text writing

-          Designing & printing

-          Websites

-          Social media content production

-          Viral videos

-          Archive creation

-          Corporate – media – individual archive

•         Graphic and Design Supports

•         Corporate Identity Studies

-          Institution analysis

-          Sector analysis

-          Rival analysis

-          Market analysis

-          Communal and periodic trend analysis

-          Create strategic communication plan

-          Brand positioning

-          Reputation management 

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